Product FAQs


Product FAQs

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Forex (‘foreign exchange’ or ‘fx’) describes trading currencies in pairs, like EURUSD, on a decentralized over-the-counter global market. Each currency has an official abbreviation – in this case, EUR means ‘Euro’ & USD means ‘United States Dollar’. When trading forex, your bid price or ‘base currency’ is shown first (here as EUR) and is followed by the ask price or ‘quote currency’ (here as USD). The values of these currencies change quickly which is reflected in the spread, i.e. the difference between bid & ask price.

What forex pairs can I trade?

We offer over 60 major, minor & exotic fx pairs

What are indices & how do I trade them?

A group or basket of stocks are called an ‘index’ or ‘indices’. Indices are a measurement of the value (and pricing) of a specific section of the stock market, which allow traders to speculate on entire sectors at once. Grouping selected stocks or assets into an index creates a cost-effective mechanism for trading on a sector’s performance – i.e. opening a single position to trade on the entire UK100 – which tracks the 100 largest companies on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

You can also trade on forex indices likes ‘DXY’ which tracks the performance of USD weighted against major currencies from across the world.

What rolling indices can I trade?

We offer CFD indices such as the US500, UK100, AUS200, FRA40, NAS100 & GER40.

What precious metal CFDs do you offer?

We offer CFDs on gold and silver. Precious metals such as gold and silver can be considered one of the first-ever traded commodities. Investors and traders generally view gold as a safe haven during economic, political or social uncertainty due to their relatively stable demand and the world’s limited supply.

What does ‘rolling commodities’ mean?

A ‘rolling’ option or ‘roll yield’ is type of return in commodities investing that involves the practice of exiting the current position and immediately entering a similar position in the next contract. This allows for traders to take advantage of the difference in the price of shorter-dated commodities, which are closer to maturity commodity contracts and their longer-dated counterparts.

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