Anti-Margin Call

Rescue Plan or Anti-Margin Call

This plan is being implemented for the first time by STP Trading to rescue trading accounts.

Please note that traders must complete all the steps to rescue their accounts before registering for the rescue plan. After completing the necessary steps, traders can submit their request for the rescue plan by filling out the form on their client portal if needed.

Conditions declared in this plan:

The broker’s experts will review your account within 24 hours, and if the conditions are met, deposit 10% to 50% tradable fund based on the balance of the account, . After preventing the account from a potential margin call, the fund will be withdrawn from the account.

Ways to rescue accounts at STP Trading:

  • 1. Trading in a negative margin. Since many brokers do not allow hedging, it increases the risk of margin calls on accounts.
  • 2. Reducing Losing Positions
  • 3. Funding the Accounts
  • 4. STP Trading’s Rescue Plan
You can view Anti-Margin Call plan deposits here

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